Zion Chinese School Regulations

1.          本校上课时间为每星期四晚上七时正,校门会于六时四十五分开启。

         Classes begin at 7:00 PM every Thursday. Students are required to be punctual. School door will be opened at 6:45 PM.

2.          本校下课时间为九时正,请贵家长准时到校接送贵子弟,以免发生意外,逾时校方将不负责任。

Classes finish at 9:00 PM every Thursday.

Parents are required to pick up their children on time to avoid any accidents.

The school will not be responsible for accidents after school hours.

3.          本校上课期间的休息时间是八时至八时十五分。在休息时间内,各学生一律不准乱跑、打架、爬墙及开关门等危险游戏。

Recess starts from 8:00pm to 8:15pm. During recess, students are not allowed to engage in erratic running, fighting, wall climbing or doors slamming.

4.          上课时间内,各学生不准吃东西或嚼口香糖。

Eating food or chewing gums are strictly prohibited during classes.

5.          在学校时间内,各学生不准擅自离校外出。

During school time, students are not allowed to leave school without permission.

6.          各学生须依时缴交老师所指定的功课

Students are required to hand in their homework on time.

7.          本校礼堂是供周会及特别聚会使用,各学生在休息期间不得擅进礼堂;礼堂内的钢琴、电子琴及其它学校公物如电脑和电视机等,未得校方允许,不得擅自使用;如有损坏,照价赔偿。

The school hall is provided for assembly and special activities use. Students are not allowed to enter the hall without school permission. Students are also restricted to use other school properties such as computer and TV etc. Should there be any damage made by students on school properties, students are required to pay the replacement cost at current market price.

8.          下课离校前须保持课室清洁。

Students are required to keep their classrooms clean and tidy after school.

9.          各学生在学校须尊敬老师及友爱同学。若各学生在课堂上不服从老师的指导及骚扰其它同学的学习,经屡劝不改,本校有权终止其学习。

Students are required to respect their teachers and classmates. Students who do not obey their teachers or disturb other classmates during classes will be dismissed by the school if no rectification has been made after several warnings.

10.      学生如因病或事请假,迟到或早退,请在上课前或后通知该班老师。

Students requiring a leave of absence, late or early dismissal are urged to inform their teachers before or after classes.

11.      各学生需自行携带文具及一吋半纸夹(1½” Binder)一个来校使用,以便存放本校派发的通告及功课。

Students are required to bring their own stationary and a 1½” binder to school. The binder is used for keeping school newsletters and homework.

12.      上课时间内各学生需要把手提电话关闭

Students are required to turn off their cell phones during class.